Instant Oatmeal

I would definitely consider myself as one of those Pinterest moms. Every day I scroll through hundreds of pins, sometimes stopping to like or even possibly pin one of them. And you know those jokes where they make fun of the pinterest fails because you thought that you could do that hairstyle but instead you ended up looking like Chewbacca. Well I didn’t try doing a hairstyle. I don’t have enough skill or confidence to actually try one of those things.

But I did try making one of those oatmeal in a jar things. And it worked out well. It was not a complete fail. I just put the oats and all that other good stuff into the jar and mixed it around. In the morning, I spinned it around some more and put it in the microwave. I wasn’t too fond of the whole cold oatmeal idea. I added some grapes, strawberries and blueberries. My instant oatmeal breakfast was done.

It was definitely not the same as a regular-old-fashioned-stove-top-oatmeal, but I have no regrets. I would definitely do it again.

And now you might be questioning why I decided to start off a post with a quick story about oatmeal. It’s because I’m procrastinating. I still haven’t texted James. I’ve made the draft for that text about a bazillion times and then lingered my finger over the send button only to back out. All the while, I scream internally and little beads of stress sweat form. It’s a whole process. I’ve asked my friends, my mom, and sister for advice. None of which really helped.

My mom says that I’m throwing myself out there and I need to be sure of what I want out of this relationship. My sister cringes at every draft I show her and then tells me I should just insert my cheesy smile. And my friend, Paprika, says that all my drafts are fine and that I need to take the risk because anything could happen and that I need to put myself out there. And meanwhile, I just keep thinking about it because what if I’m wrong. What if he just gets really confused by the fact that I’m randomly texting him. I don’t what I should do. I’m probably just going to keep procrastinating like I always do and hope that in the next week, I manage to get some guts and just hit that send button.

xoxo -River


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