Sad Circumstances

I just realized that I’ve had the same crush for three years. That’s just sad. It’s not like he’s been consuming every minute of my life or that I haven’t had any other crushes. It’s just that it’s been three years and every time he talks to me or looks at me, I melt on the inside.

It’s never going to happen though… for several reasons:

  1. He’s with the “popular” crowd, while I am most definitely Not.
  2. He has a girlfriend (which I never knew about until last year, but then again, I am totally clueless about what actually happens at our school).
  3. He doesn’t even know me. (Hahaahaa I wonder why….. BECAUSE I NEVER TALK TO HIM, THAT’S WHY!).
  4. ETC…..

He’s extremely smart but he doesn’t brag about it. He has a really great sense of humor. It’s probably not really that great, but I just laugh at every joke he makes. Which could be a little weird, but no one actually is listening. He plays the drums and has a good taste in music. He’s also on the football team.

At the beginning of the year, we have to do a fitness exam which involves doing as many push-ups as we could. I secretly was working out and lifting weights at home the whole summer, so no one saw it coming when I starting hitting more than 25 push-ups. At around 30, it was only me and him going together. He couldn’t believe it! ME! hahaha. We kept going, at around 5o I stopped because I wanted to give myself space for improvement for the end of the year test in May. But he was staring at me the entire time and everyone was cheering me on. It was such a great moment. Now, I have started my push-up training again. And this time, I’m gonna crush him. MWHAHA but that’s another thing I love, he wasn’t just going to let me win. I’m gonna have to earn my push-up champion title the hard way. ahhhhh i’m actually so excited to see his face. ME beating the FOOTBALL player! It’ll be legendary. Oh and my gym teacher is the football coach!!

And on Halloween I GAVE HIM MY KITKAT! now that’s love.

So my obsession might be a little out of hand, especially since I can remember all this stuff. I can’t even remember what I wore yesterday, let alone four months. ago. But it’s sad, because he’s never going to know I like him, or know that I appreciate his jokes, or remember any of these tiny encounters from the past three years that I, of course, will.

Can’t wait to beat his ass in May though!

xoxo -River


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