2 years!!

WordPress just sent me a notification saying that I’ve had my blog for two years now! Time really flies because I don’t even remember where the two years went. I’ve only made about 30 posts on my blog, which definitely isn’t a lot. So maybe this year, I’ll bump up that number. I don’t want to make this a whole serious post about how much things have changed over the last two years. But, I just wanted to write a post to remind myself if I ever look back. Thanks to everyone who ever liked a post or commented because those notifications really make my day (more like the entire week). You guys are all fantastic, and I’m so grateful that I can write what I’m feeling and there’s always someone there to read my thoughts (more like ramblings). Thanks for an amazing two years of blogging! ❤

xoxo -River

p.s. If @TheOnewithBooks still blogs or reads any of my posts, I just wanted to thank her for introducing me to blogging and helping me to get all of this started. She’s the sweetest, and I haven’t seen her in sooo long. I miss her with all my heart. Definitely go check out her blog.


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